how can I break down evers by props

vittalg19751508 25-07-2016

we have form event start event I am trying to break this by props(page names). this was working fine before but now I am not able to see any data once I break this by props. where can I look into to fix this.

can any one help me with this..

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Accepted Solutions (1)

KristiB1 07-08-2016

HI Vitta,

so you won't be able to do this by trying to break down an event by a pagename.  You will need to pass the pagename to a prop.  Once you have the pagename in a prop, you will be able to break it down successfully!


There is some more detail here:

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Answers (7)

vittalg19751508 08-08-2016

Hey Kristi,

So here in my care I have rule created in DTM, in this particular rule I have only the event, so in order to break this by page name shell I add  prop in the rule for which I need to break down (example page name)?

Thank you  

KristiB1 04-08-2016

Hi Vittal,  what is the purpose of breaking down the event by pagename?  

Are you trying to identify which page the event is fired on?  
Pagenames are not captured for custom link tracking.  We pass the pagename into a prop so that we can identify which page the event is fired on.  Some good info here -

Community Manager

Hi Vittal,

I think you would be able to breakdown only when that dimension is passed in the same image request as eventX

vittalg19751508 27-07-2016


this if for event.. and this event is in DTM rule.

so once the user starts filling the form, form start rule will get fired in this rule have eventX and now I am trying to break this down by pages or any other dimensions. but not showing any data in the dimension.

by any change do i have to include props in the rule which I am trying to breakdown.

thank you