How can attribute app installs and in-app events to AdWords campaigns using Adobe Mobile Services - Acquisition Links



Presently, we are using acquisition links to understand which users download the app from the website. However, I want to understand how can we track the downloads done on AdWords.

Issue we're facing with AdWords:
1. UAC - Universal App Campaigns do not have a "link" and instead directly allow the user to install the app from Google search. How can we attribute installs and app engagements from these campaigns

2. Other AdWords campaigns - Upon using the acquisition link, Google returns a "URL mismatch" error as they disallow intermediate redirects, is there another alternative to this?

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Answers (1)



While I can create those acquisition links manually, they still become "intermediate" links and Google AdWords will still flag them as "URL mismatch" because eventually they will redirect it to another URL.

Is there another way around this?