Hour of day report does not change by time zone, is this correct?



Hi all,

Just a quick confirmation on this, if I look at traffic by hour of day, it will all be classified depending on the time zone set in my report suite.

So if I have one visit coming from Tokyo at 10pm, and my report suite is set to CET Rome, I will actually see one visit at 2pm in the Hour of Day report.

In order to fix this, I either create a VRS and set a different time zone (JST in this case), or manually reorganize traffic based on the country it originated (or creating a time zone segments) in a .csv or Excel export.

Could you confirm all of this is correct?

Thank you in advance,


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Follow-up question on this: if I use a VRS for a single time zone (Hong Kong, to be specific, vs CET in the main one), what happens with visits across time periods?

For example, I'm doing a report with visits by day, and I know that visits spanning across midnight will count both for day 1 and day 2. But which midnight would be use? The CET one, as it is the one used in the main report suite, or the HK one, which is the one I would use for the VRS?