Hit Segment not possible?

Amigo1989 11-10-2019

Hey guys,

we are currently running an advertising campaign in our portfolio. It runs under a specific IQ number to only track this campaign's ads. Therefore you can see the dimension in the segment. Now we only want to portray the users who saw these ads but did not click. Can you explain to me again, why the following hit segment does not work? As you can see in the second screenshot, I removed AdClick Click and still the numbers on the top right are the same. Can not this be captured in a hit since there are two different server calls? Somehow I do not quite understand the logic behind the hit Segment and these two events "AdClick Click" and "AdClick View".

Thank you very much



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Amigo1989 23-10-2019


maybe the second screen gives the same result, because like you said: if there are two server calls, just one call or the first call will be meausured and in both cases this is AdClick View?

What i want to know is, how i just get the people, wo have seen this ad but did not click...


H_L 14-10-2019

If the the "AD view" is triggered when the AD displays, then I assume the user will "CLICK" it after that, which means in the next server calls.

So, they are 2 server calls, not 1 hit.

But I also don't understand why in 2nd screen cut gives the same UV, Visits when the "click" is removed.