Hit Depth Vs Visit Depth for Add to Cart Rates



I am attempting to identify Add to Cart rates for users who have gone to a certain page level then add to cart.

Would it be more accurate to use hit depth over visit depth to determine the rate? What are the weaknesses for using one over the other?

- E.g., For users who enter on page A then navigate to page B then adds a product to the cart, I would want to see this as a 2nd level add to cart

I would imagine Hit Depth is more accurate but I could be wrong about how each metric increments. For what I understand Hit Depth shows each page counted uniquely but for Visit Depth all pages viewed in the visit have the value of last page viewed depth.

- I.e., For Hit Depth the above example would consider page A = 1 and page B = 2, for visit depth page A and page B = 2. So if I was to use visit depth = 2 the Add to Cart rate I would receive would count anyone who added to cart on page A or page B

Thanks in advance to anyone who confirms / clarifies the above.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Your understanding of Hit Depth vs Visit Depth is correct. In your example above, Visit Depth for both Page A and Page B would be 2. Hit Depth would be 1 for Page A and 2 for Page B.

Visit Depth would tell you how many pages someone viewed during a visit that included adding to cart (i.e. pages per visit). Hit Depth would tell you at which point in their visit they added to cart.

References: Visit Depth and Hit Depth

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So, there is a difference in how hit-depth and visit-depth are calculated, which you need to consider when selecting which to use.

  1. HIT depth considers ALL hit types
  2. VISIT depth will increase if:
    • The hit is a page view
    • The pagename is not the same as the previous pagename

Suppose you have a following sequence:

Page A >> Page B >> Page A >> Custom Link 1 >> Custom Link 2 >> Page C >> Custom Link 3 (with Add to Cart event) >> Page C

SequenceHit DepthHits contributing to visit depth
Page A1Yes
Page B2Yes
Page A3Yes
Custom Link 14-
Custom Link 25-
Page C6Yes
Custom Link 3 (with Add-to-Cart event)7-
Page C8-

The VISIT Depth will be 4

Also, in the above example, I have shown the add-to-cart event on the custom link, which is usually the case. Adding to cart, does not lead to a page load, and hence it will not be on a page view.

The other point to note is that the last page is the same as the previous one (Page C), and so does NOT count towards the visit depth