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I'm having issues getting the histogram visualization to deliver results that make sense.

I created a histogram in Workspace looking for a distribution of Page Views per Unique Visitor and applied a segment to the panel to limit the page to only the single page I'm interested in.  My segment is a hit segment with Page = "page name X".  My histogram settings are as follows:

Starting Bucket = 1

Metric Buckets = 5

Metric Bucket Size = 1

Counting Method = Visitor

My results look like this:


The 6+ contains 10,285 Visitors, which would mean there are 10,285 Visitors with at least 6 page views of the page I filtered by (so I should have at least ~60K page views of that page for that time frame).  However, I have only 14K page views for that time frame.  It seems like this isn't giving me what I want.  I validated via the segment and other reporting that my 14K page views is correct.  How should I be building this Histogram to get the correct results I'm looking for (distribution of page views per visitor)?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Mia,

It may be helpful to dig into the underlying data that is driving the histogram that you've built in order to better understand it. You can do this by following the instructions here: Histogram Visualization in Analysis Workspace | Adobe Analytics - YouTube

That will open the histogram's table where you can dig into the metrics and segments that are powering the visualization.

Hope that helps!

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