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dariusd91806962 28-06-2016

 we have a page on our site, that is used for visitors to connect with a mortgage banker.. by the way the web site url for that page is  What I want to do is capture when ever a visitor clicks to view or contact one of the mortgage brokers.. I am hoping there is a way to do it without having to put a separate evar or prop on each one.. because there is over 200 brokers and not enough props and evars for that many...

I was trying to figure out a way that when a person is on .. some rule would fire and capture the url of the broker the visitor selects..  for example if they select view on the broker they could be sent to or etc. 
 or  if they select apply now on one of the brokers they would be sent to   in this case if I could capture the 36309094...  from out of the url.. to get a count each time..someone is sent to 36309094.


Any suggestions? Would greatly appreciate your help with this.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

ryanpraski 28-06-2016

Hi Darius,

You could capture the broker name in a prop & eVar and you can set an event on the apply now click and set a different event on the broker page load. Then you could run an eVar report like the one below. You could also add a calculated metric for (Broker Apply Now / Broker View)

broker name (eVar1)View Broker (event1)Apply Now Broker (event2) 




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Answers (1)

dariusd91806962 29-06-2016

Ok so after looking further into this, This is what I am wanting to do

Please view —   If you click on any of the (VIEW ME) buttons you will see the HTML .. For each broker the HTM is similar to the following

<div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6 col-sm-6 mb-col-0 mbs-item" data-mb-id="20016" data-mb-name="Amiee Carr" data-mb-fname="Amiee" data-mb-lname="Carr" data-mb-city="Virginia Beach" data-mb-state="VA" data-mb-zip="23452"> <div class="mbs-item-inner"> <div class=“mb-img"><img src="           hero.jpg" alt="Amiee Carr - Mortgage Banker" class="img- responsive mb-profile-img"> </div><h5 class="mb-name">Amiee Carr</h5> <p class="mb-title">Mortgage Banker</p> <p class="mb-loc">Virginia Beach, VA</p> <p class="mb-view"> <a href="" class="btn-ghost-blue" target="_blank">VIEW ME</a> </p> <p class="mb-apply"> <a href="" class="btn-ghost-blue" target="_blank">APPLY NOW!</a></p> </div></div>

What I am hoping to do is the following..  

When a visitor goes to the site and clicks on any (VIEW ME) button, An event will fire to capture the Mortgage Bankers name and ID (The name and Id can be found in the first line in the div class, where it says (data-mb-id) and (data-mb-name) and will count each instance so that I can see how many times visitors are selecting each Mortgage Banker. I would also like to use an evar to track what happens on the next page when the visitor is sent to the mortgage banker page. I would like to know if they then click the (CONTACT ME) button or the (APPLY NOW) button, or do they scroll down the page and then select (CALCULATORS) button (FAQ) button (CREDIT FACTORS) button. Basically I would like to track everything they do on the mortgage banker page any button they click or link they click on. 


Also if they select the (APPLY NOW) button I would like to grab the app # in the url and the ID# at the end of the url.. See example below

<a class="btn-ghost-white btn-right" href="" target="_blank">APPLY ONLINE</a>


Thank you