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I have been working in analytics platforms for years, and know what I’m doing in most. I’m currently training to learn Adobe Analytics, and am totally stuck on the following points, so I am going to ask for help from the community. If you are willing to slowly hold my hand and answer more questions than you may want, feel free to read on, if not I totally understand.

1) I am trying to find how "conversions" are set up. I understand Google Analytics conversions, but can't figure out how it's done in Adobe Analytics. I see tons of reports of data being pulled by Adobe Analytics. Is there a specific way these reports are set up? (I am wondering if I have enough "Admin" access to create certain reports).

2) Is there an easy way to see how certain "Conversions" or "Events" are set up? Like for example, if someone hits a target URL, or an event is fired via javascript.

If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you again for your time and I hope to hear from someone soon.


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Hi Gabe! 

Welcome to the Adobe Analytics community! If you have a lot of questions, this is the best place to get them answered by fellow analytics users and Adobe professionals. So feel free to shoot your queries here. 

1) Setting up conversions would require a combination of Adobe Analytics and DTM. Inside Analytics you would require Admin rights. You have to initialize the eVar by going into Admin>Conversion Variables and selecting required parameters given in detail here -

After initializing you would have to head over to your DTM web property which handles the code on your side and associate your eVar with the conversion that you want to track. You would have to create a page load/ direct call rule around it. More information could be found here -

Once both steps are done the variable starts capturing data and a custom report is created in analytics

2) If you want to see what values are being passed on an image request, setup the Adobe Debugger bookmark - You can also check the events firing in the browser console> network tab. If you want to see the coding behind it, you would need access to your website's DTM property/ javascript

I hope this helps. Let me know if there are further questions.


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