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I am a new, casual Adobe user. I want to get the view metrics for all the links on the PSS page for the past quarter.

I tried using the Page template but don't see how i can change the URL in the template to the PSS URL.

I don't want to become an Adobe expert, i just want a easy, quick way to get information about which links are being accessed.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Syd,

I like your comment. It is actually a challenge for a new user or a power user to get desired info quickly when you don't have solution design.

I would download Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger - Chrome Web Store to understand tracking variables myself or will ask for solution design to get variable info first. To your specific question -

To get the views metrics for all the links on the PSS page:

Views metric for all the links on the pages will be equals to PSS page views.

To get the clicks metrics for all the links on the PSS page: (which I think you are looking for)

in workspace > create new project > blank project > select data rage  (last quarter) > search prop4 or eVar8 (looks it tracks your page link display name) > drop  prop4 instances or evar8 instances on place of metric. > save the project. It's not that bad!!

PS: variable details are based on Partner Support Service - Cisco. BTW I see a great implementation on the site which can help you get a lot of info about these links by using other variables.

Useful links:

Inspect Implementations with the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger - YouTube

Adobe Analytics Workspace Tutorial 2018. Part 1 - YouTube  By none other than Andrey Osadchuk



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