Hi All,

I trust you are well.  My Name is Chris, I have been in the Analytics space for around 12 years, used most of the tools out there, I have been using Adobe for around 4 years now.


We have just installed Activity map.  All seems to be working OK, We have now had a request to track the clicks on Drop Down list elements, from what I have read this seems to be doable, however it does beg the question what can activity map actually capture? By this I mean what are its limitations, if anyone can post what they have used Activity map for what worked what didn't?


many thanks



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Hi Chris,

Very much doable, the activity map tool is a pretty cool piece of kit and it's great that the same data is also recorded for use in workspace and R&A.

Pretty much every click can be recorded no matter what and in the visual map if you expand a dropdown menu you should get values for the links for these.

The data of the click is sent on the next server call to Adobe and usually contains something like the following:

Context Variables
page: personal|credit-cards 
link: Car loans 
region: loansflyout 
pageIDType: 1 

This data is all populated in to dimensions starting "Activity Map"

Further information is in: https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/analytics/activitymap/activitymap-link-tracking-met...