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Greetings,  I'm new to this forum.  I'm a Solutions Architect at JW Player and am building a Javascript adapter to connect JW Player events to the Adobe Heartbeat SDK and have a few questions about Heartbeat event ordering.

  1. Consider the scenario of a pre-roll ad playing before main VOD content.  Which scenario should events be fired? Should TrackPlay come before TrackAdStartBreak or after the ad break is over?  In one spot the docs say TrackPlay comes on the users 'intent' to play the video, and another place it says that TrackPlay should be fired on the first rendered frame of the main content.  Which is it?
    1. TrackSessionStart, TrackPlay, TrackAdStartBreak, TrackAdStart, TrackAdComplete, TrackComplete, TrackSessionEnd
    2. TrackSessionStart, TrackAdStartBreak, TrackAdStart, TrackAdComplete, TrackComplete, TrackPlay, TrackComplete, TrackSessionEnd
  2. When should the trackEvent(MediaHeartbeat.Event.AdBreakStart, adBreakInfo); and trackEvent(MediaHeartbeat.Event.AdStart, adObject, adCustomMetadata); be sent? Should they be sent only on successful AD playback starting, i.e. the firstFrame of the ad being played? Or when the ad request goes out, response returned, etc.  The JW player has events for the entire lifecycle of ads, Ad Break Started, Ad Request, Ad Response Received, AdPlaying, AdComplete, AdBreakComplete and I'm trying to figure out how to map the JW Player Ad events to the Adobe Heartbeat events.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Someone pointed me to this set of docs which has a real nice description

of the event ordering for various scenarios. I'm going to start by

making sure we are following that convention and will post if I have any


Thank you.


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Heartbeat Event ordering

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Hi Michael,

Outside of what the docs say (Measuring video in Analytics​), You are welcome to be the judge on when certain events are called. What would be more valuable in tracking an event going in one place or another?

Whatever you decide, you'll simply want to make sure your decision is documented so users will be able to distinguish any potential discrepancies.