Healthcheck Dashboard 3.02

tg86 10-09-2019


I recently downloaded the 3.02 HC xls and created an oAuth integration to retrieve the Client ID and Secret.  After inputting them our ORG name populated but none of the RSIDs populated the dropdown.  I refreshed several times and closed and re-opened the XLS.  I am a Sysadmin and Developer for our org. 

I am not sure why the RSIDs aren't populating -- has anyone else experienced this issue with this version?

Thank you


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tg86 10-09-2019

I wish that were the case.  No FW/no Proxy all direct web access.  The marathon version brings back the RSIDs but bombs on all the rest of the data.  I can understand it as it uses the older API but this one is odd. 


are you within a secure network and use kind of proxy to access the internet? this setup has caused some troubles here and were gone as soon as I tryed it on a computer with direct access... just an idea zo test it on another computer (on a different network) and see if it works ...