Getting "Instances" metrics via the Adobe Reporting API



We are trying to find a way to get the "Instances" metrics w/o any elements breakdown via reporting API.

We think this should be possible since it seems to be available via the Adobe UI.

So far we've tried calling the

with the following param:

{"reportDescription": {"elements": [], "dateGranularity": "day", "dateTo": "2018-10-04", "dateFrom": "2018-09-27", "metrics": [{"id": "instances"}], "reportSuiteID": "<report suite>"}}

and get the following error:

status code: 400, error: metric_unsupported_in_overtime, error_description: Metric "instances" not supported in overtime reports

Is there any other way that we can get this metric via the API?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




I had the same issue and couldn't solve it within the API call.

What worked for me: create a calculated metric with just the desired "instance". pulling data for that new calculated metric (exchange "instances" by the new id "cm_xxx") and you can get the data.

Maybe you change to API 2.0 which will be released in the next days. I expect that you are able to pull instance reports over the new API without any problems ...

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