Getting "414 Request URI Too Large" in S.product




We have scenario in B2B retailer web sites where we can add more than 100 to 200 products to the cart at the same time to place the order. We are using s.product variable to capture the particular product ID, Quantity and price. Unfortunately, when we add more than 100 products to the cart then we are seeing the status as "414 Request URI Too Large" as shown on the attached screenshot. Could any one assist me to fix this issue and let me know for any other information.

Thank you,414-Request_Issue.jpg


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




You request is send via GET it needs to be send via POST.

You need to use Visitor ID services and latest Appmeasurement.js and if the URI is nore than the limit 2048 char I think it will automatically send it via post

See this Difference Between POST vs. GET Request Methods