Getting 404 when trying to access new 2.0 api



Hi All,

I'm trying to integrate adobe analytics 2.0.

I've got oauth working and the test works to /discovery/me and returns the company id that is expected.

But, when I try the other endpoints like with the same api-key and access_token. I just get a 404

Same for /metrics endpoint

The docs I am following are here analytics-2.0-apis/ at master · AdobeDocs/analytics-2.0-apis · GitHub

Is there anything, I need to do to enable this api? Or any particular scope needed to get report information.

Thanks in advance


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Accepted Solutions (1)



I've figured it out.

Have to request[global_company_id]/reports and set header x-proxy-global-company-id to the same [global_company_id] in the request

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