Get all the variable of query string parameter.

abhisheks517097 21-06-2017

I am trying to get all the variable of a server call of specific pages. The site i am testing on is here.

I am able get through _satellite.getVar(‘data element name’); but one only variable at a time. This there any built-in function to return all the varibale evar and props as well.


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So I understood the part about what you require.

What I would like to know is

  • how you would like the output; format?
  • and where are you trying to use it?

Format: Should they be all a continuous string of data (parameter and value) separated by commas?

Where: are you trying to capture it in another variable? Are you trying to use this to debug the data?

abhisheks517097 21-06-2017

i need a function that returns all the values passed in the query string parameter. I found _satellite.getVar(‘data element name’); but I gives one particular value, I am all the parameters with values.