GA code snippet in DTM's .js file, even when no GA integration is done in DTM?




In our e-commerce domain, we have implemented two web analytic tools: Google Analytics and Omniture.

But we are encountering a strange problem in Adobe's Dynamic Tag Management (DTM). We have not integrated GA through DTM and GA has been implemented traditionally without any tag management solutions. But Omniture has been implemented using DTM.

When we are looking into GA's reporting console, we see revenue data coming in (related to transactions on our site). But nowhere on the pagecode we have 'addTrans' function written (which is GA's function to implement e-commerce transaction). When we drilled down further, we saw this 'addTrans' function in Adobe DTM's .js file. Here is snippet of that code (in DTM's .js):


Also, please see the attached screen shot for this.

Along with this, we also have other GA related functions mentioned in this DTM's .js file. For eg: `_gaq.push`.

We are really wondering, how come this is coming in Adobe's DTM .js file when we have not done anything related to GA in DTM (Except few re-marketing pixels, like those related to floodlight or double clicks, have been included in DTM's 'Javascript / Third Party Tags' in Page Load Rule) 

Is GA related code already there in DTM's .js file (and when we leverage DTM to implement GA, it becomes active) ? Not sure.

Please help.


Thanks in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)


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The code may have been included in the main DTM javascript library. With that said, we've now moved to Experience Platform Launch which is much more modular and shouldn't have this same issue. Feel free to read more about it here

You can also come on over to the Launch community and ask any questions you might have.

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