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I'm completely new to Adobe Analytics and I'm trying to figure out how to display the full URL when bringing up a report. When I navigate to Reports -> Site Content and select Pages, I see a few links with the ".html" at the end displayed while a majority of the other links don't show it, rather it shows partial of the domain. And if I export the report to excel, I get the same result that is displayed to me in the Pages Report.

So how can I display the whole URL on the Pages Report? Thank you

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Accepted Solutions (1)




SN-JohnR​ Capturing the Full URL in the Pages report is not a best practice as Pages report should have the Page Name rather then URL . Also PageName variable has 100 Bytes of length whereas Page URL might be more then that , So if you are capturing Page URL in PageName variable (pages report) then it will truncate after 100 Bytes .Below is the documents for the pageName variable .


Page Naming Strategies

If you want Full URL to be displayed in the reports then I will suggest you to capture Page URL to and Evar . Also make sure Page URL is less then 255 Bytes if you are trying to capture in Evar . As Evar size limit is 255 Bytes .

If you want to see Page URL by default without making implementation change then you can do that through Data warehouse report .

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