For how long is the cookie being kept in order to figure out 'Return Visits' in Adobe Analytics?



Hi all,


I'd like to know how long the cookie is kept in United States for 'Return Visits' in Adobe Analytics.


Adobe Analytics defines 'Return Visits' as 'Visit container where Visit Number is greater than 1' but I would like to know how long Adobe keeps one's cookie so that they can tell whether a visit number is greater than 1 or not.


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Hey there,


As you already know, Adobe Analytics uses cookies to identify visitors. Each cookie has its expiration as mentioned in the document:

These cookies are in place until expired, or browser cache is cleared or an incognito window is used.

Hope this helps!

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Analytics stores Visitor IDs in cookies with an expiration of 2 year. Whenever a visitor return, they are identified by the visitor IDs in the cookies.