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Hello Adobe Community !

In order to study the customer behaviour in one specific type of page, I was first working with some breakdowns on a prop10 . Then  I figured that working with a flow chart would be easier to visualize easier the entries and exits to this prop10 (that gives the type of page).
Neverthless, even thoug I get the same number of path ways (513), the number of entries per prop Entry value are very different. How is this possible? is my breakdown wrong (first prop10 item i'm studing, then breakdown by the Entry prop10 values) ?

NB : My flow chart is on Visit option, if I change to Visitor, I don't get the same path way value than the number of occurences in my freeform (513).
If I add every entry (or exit) value on the flow chart I also get 513 occurences.


Thanks again for the help!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




SO the 1st report (prop broken by Entry page) gives you all the entry pages of the visits in which the prop had the value as Conseil. It doesn't have to be the 1st value in the visit.

In the 2nd report, it gives you the number of times, the value conseil was the seen, and the different values in the same visit for prop10 which were seen before and after Conseil. There were 27 times that it was the first value and 138 times, that it was the last value in a visit for prop10.

So there were 513 occurrences of the value Conseil for prop10. Out of those 513 occurrences, 179 times it was the value before it was set again as Conseil. and there were 175 times, when the Conseil value was set after Conseil was set in prop10.

....This is confusing to explain....not sure how well i explained it.

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Answers (2)



I think I found a solution, but I'm not sure,

Is it because Entries and Exits are the first and last value of a given trafic variable, and not the previous and next variable ?

If that's the case, how does the flow "know" what are the previous and next value  ?

Cheers !