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Hi everyone!

I am attempting to see the flow between our digital properties. Venn would be a great resource however it is limited to 3 segments and I am trying to look at 4+ properties and the flow of unique visitors to each. I may be too close to this to where I can no longer see/think in a way that might help me with my problem.

I have been using venn but as I said earlier, it supports up to 3 segments total. Does anyone else have a better way to do (or already has done) what I am trying to accomplish?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




A venn diagram would be very difficult to render with 4 points of data. You'd start to get inaccurate overlap with at least one of them, so it makes perfect sense that the venn diagram has a limit of 3.

The only other visualization I would anticipate would be of value would be the flow visualization.

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