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I've built a series of custom date ranges to be used in Workspace, named 'April 2016', 'May 2016', 'June 2016' etc (I can't use pre set dates of months as 'April 2016' is actually 3rd - 30th April 2016 as that's what we define in my business as reporting on April). I want to drop them into a table so that they are down the left hand side and in date order from oldest to newest. How can I fix the order they appear in? I tried dropping them in in order which worked, until I changed the metric. Then the date ranges were ranked based on the metric. Clicking the Black ranking arrow on the Date dimension sorts the dates alphabetically by title, so 'April' was first followed by 'August' etc.

How can I fix the order of the date components so they don't change? I'm going to be playing around with the table, adding stuff in and taking away and want the date ranges to stay the same and not change order every time I change something.

I don't want to change the name of the date ranges as they need to be friendly & easy to read.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Katie,

Thank you for your query.

As per my knowledge as of now there is no way to set up a custom order. Things will be ordered alphabetically either A to Z or Z to A.


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