Find out how much events are before and after a specific page





we like to find out how often is an event send before and after a specific page and we do not find a solution with segments.

We have a path like this: page > page > event > page > event > event > specific page > page > event > page > event 

we like to find out that 3 events are before the specific page and 2 events after. Our problem is that the specifc page can be on every step on the path.

Have someone a solution for that? Thanks for your help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I am not sure if in your scenario it is always the same event or different events, but you can use a COUNTER eVar set to +1 on each page and expire it at your target event to see how many pages are viewed prior to the event.

If you want to include multiple/all events, that is still possible, but in that case, you'd have to set a second event at the same time that you set the list of events you care about and then expire the eVar on that master success event.

Here are some blog posts to read that will help:

Counter eVar:

Using a master (uber) success event:

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Answers (2)



I'm interested in the same thing.

Normal Path reports will only show paths between Pages, Traffic Variables or anything else for which you have enabled pathing.

As far as I know you can't mix these together (show paths between pages and Traffic Variables).

Is there any way to do this?




thank you for your help. The event is every time the same but the specific site can be different. I think a counter evar is not the solution because we need for every type of specific page a new evar.