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was there recently a change in Adobe Analytics? For Example I frequently used the "Page" Dimension and I got a list of all my Pages.

But I applied on that a Page URl Segment like https://www.***.com/path1/path2/
After that I only got a list of Pages within this URL. This was just like an Area/Page Level tracking.
I did not change the segment and now it does show randomly more pages that are not related to a specific path.
So before it showed pages that are within a specific area of the website.

I know that there is a function for Area/Page Level tracking but we don't use this feature.

Can anyone explain this?

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Zsolt_a1,


What do you mean by Area/Page Level tracking?

At any time, segment built should adhere to the condition that was used. Changes at Adobe Analytics should never change the condition. Kindly test your condition used in the segment to make sure that the results are conclusive.

If you need more help, you can share the segment condition and results here so that we can validate for you.


Thank You!


Currently there is the standard possibility to use the dimension "Page" then I can see all my top visites pages for the whole Report Suite. In the past we used to segment those "Pages" via a Segment "PageURL contains..." so that we can only get a specific area of the website. For example the Area "Cars" has like 5 subpages. We filtered for "https://***.com/services/cars/" so that only pages were shown in this "path" and nothing from the whole page. If we apply the segment nothing happens and even pages will be shown that we don't want to see in the "Pages" report (for example from the area "services"). But we would like to see only from the area "cars" and all subpages from "cars". Hope that makes sense.

zsolt_a1, If your segment didn't return the expected results, then i will suggest you to checkout your segmentation condition. Please make sure your Segmentation has the below. 1. 'Hit' container : Because visits or visit container will include all the pages within the visits of your condition. 2. You didn’t select bounces, Exits, Entries (Related to Visits) etc., as metrics in your pages table.
Thank you, that was the reason. I had set it as a "visit" container. With "Hit" everything works fine. Except that with some metrics like Average Time on Site, it lists rows with "0" Unique Visitors and 0 Pageviews and so on.
zsolt_a1, Average Time on Site is a Visit related metric like bounces, Exits, Entries etc.., so it will fall under my 2nd point.

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