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I was wondering is there a way to filter out real time analytics by for example UDID of the specific device or device name or anything that can help me see events that are sent from that specific device?

The reason I need that is testing events, atm we have multiple devices that are sending events at the same time and I can't/don't know how to filter them to device specific.

If there is a way, plz share exact steps so I can configure it properly.

Thank you!

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Well real time reporting capability in Adobe Analytics has some limitations.

As per my understanding you cant filter the real time reports based on the UUID (For more details Configure real-time reports ) and even it wont work even if you pass the value in the eVar as evar are not supported for Real time reporting( For more details Supported real-time metrics and dimensions) .​​

One suggestion is to use unique tracking code to verify your events in real time. Otherwise as suggested above pass the MID/ your org specific Declare id into an evar and analyse the events occurred during visit of specific to that id later in the normal reports.

Hope this helps.



Hi Adobe can use a MID which is unique to a device as long as cookies are not cleared. Then if you need to you can get machine Specific.

I recommend capture MID into an evar.