Fallout Reports using groups of pages as checkpoints




I wish to build a fallout report where I use a group of pages as the possible checkpoint. Is this possible or do I need to use a custom funnel report or a different approach.

In my example I wish to start with

All Site Visits --> Landing Pages (2 pages) --> Content Pages (up to 12 pages) --> Offer Pages (7 offer pages) --> Checkout flow....

I'm happy to skip a few steps on this but the key piece is that I wish to add my offer pages as the step prior to Checkout. Visits --> Offer Pages --> Checkout Flow. How is the best way to build this type of report?

Ideally I'd be able to drop in an offer pages custom group (Page 1 or Page 2 or Page 3 or Page 4 or Page 5 or Page 6 or Page 7) or something to this effect.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I think you can use Analysis "Workspace" inside Adobe Analytics. Here are steps: 

1. Create Landing Pages segment (Hit based segment with OR condition between 2 Landing pages)
2. Create Content Pages segment (Hit based segment with OR condition among 12 Content pages)
3. Create Offer Pages segment (Hit based segment with OR condition among 7 offer pages)
4. Navigate to Workspace tab
5. Drop in "Fallout" visualization in container
6. Add the above create segments as "Touchpoint".
7. Add Checkout flow as last Touchpoint.
8. Change the Fallout Settings to Visit (instead of Visitor) if needed.

Hopefully, it helps you out..


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Answers (4)




if you hoover over the dimension "Full URL" on the left side, an icon appers ">". click on that icon to see a list of values for that dimension and drag&drop the selected one to the fallout report.



Hi, hyderziaee

I am trying to follow up your comment on Workspace but I am facing difficulty.

I have attached what I am doing now so would you help me out?

I could not find out yellow page dimension you mentioned above.  how did you set the page dimension as page:home, page:womens

moreover I put two metrics and it only show "AND" not "OR", how I would choose from them?

sorry for many questions