Failure in SAINT import - Import Status : Relation 0 is not currently set up to import data



Hello Everyone,

I'm fairy new in using the Adobe Classification API and i hope that someone can help me.

Situation (these are the steps i follow before getting an error) :

  • Classification.CreateImport method.
    • Return message : JobId: xxxxxx
  • Classification.PopulateImport method.
    • Return message : true
  • Classification.CommitImport method.
    • Return message : true

Just to be sure i also execute the method Classification.GetStatus which returns the message "In Progress". But and the end of all this i receive an email with an Import status error saying "Relation 0 is not currently set up to import data".

I was wondering if any has already encountered this type of issue ?

Thank you in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





This error is returned when the API call is using incompatible/invalid element. AN element with incorrect case is also considered invalid. Ex: For the SAINT server, 'product' is valid, however, 'Product' is invalid.

Please check for the valid elements to be used via the 'getCompatibilityElements' method and update your call. This should help resolve the issue.

In case the issue persists, it'd require further investigation and I'd request you to create a support ticket by contacting Customer Care for the same.

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