Facing Issues with Uploading a classification file

pratiksham45027 28-11-2017

Hi ,

We have been facing issues with uploading classification file and getting the accurate number in for our reporting purpose in Adobe Analytics. Can anyone help us in figuring out the solution for the same.

Thanks !



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Pratik,

Assuming the new file uploaded recently has the entire database rather than just ammendments. if true, have you checked(See the screen grab) the below option while uploading?

If not, please upload the final file with classification details to upload it again with the below option enabled.


It should solve everything.

Wait for a day or two so that the classifications reflects in Adobe Analytics.

If you still face problem, kindly reach Adobe Customer Care.

Thank You!


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

pratiksham45027 28-11-2017

Sure I understand let me help with getting some info for you as cannot share reports critical to the organisation.

Also how to get a representative on this case if I want someone to take a closer look at this issue?

  • There is an eVar file which is getting manually updated based on the key and the categories are manually being incorporated before uploading the file.Now the issue we have is the latest file which we uploaded should technically rectify the numbers at least making the category well aligned with each other but it seems our latest classification file which got uploaded isn't reflecting the numbers in the dashboard as of last week.
  • Can someone from your team help us verifying that the file uploaded has been completed without issues or that cannot be done or is there any way for us to verify the same because all of this is a manual process so it is frustrating when at the end the numbers don't show up correctly.
  • The data source here is the classification file we export from the system then manually update the category based on the website structure and upload it manually and wait for 6 hours to reflect those new numbers.
  • Let me know if you can help or we need a specific representative who can help us getting this issue resolved.

Thanks !

pabloc82923542 28-11-2017

Hi just a friendly idea. We need alot more info to begin to help you.

Any example SAINT files(fake data if its critical)

What report are you looking at? How do you know its accurate? Are you comparing it to some other data source?

What page does this data get set in?