Extracting PSE image tags and ratings through EXIF



I can see the Photoshop Elements tags that I created for a given image using Microsoft file explorer->properties->details. They are shown as values opposite the "Tags" property.  I currently use a package written in Visual Basic to extract image EXIF properties.  I want to modify this software to add the Photoshop Elements tags.  My frustration is finding the Photoshop Elements tag information. I know that it can be extracted because the Microsoft file explorer exposes the Photoshop Elements captions, image ratings (one to five stars), and custom tags (ASCII text) that I have created.  I just cannot seem to find out how to access this data.  The Photoshop Elements metadata that it exposes do not show the data (as metadata) that the Microsoft file explorer shows so I cannot find the EXIF tags related to it. I am using Photoshop Elements 13 running under Windows 10.

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