Export Processing Rules (Context data to simplify data collection)



i need to export all the processing rules in the context data to simplify data elements and dimension. Can anyone advise me how to do this?

example :  s.context.Data['section']="sales" map to evar2, evar3, prop5

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Accepted Solutions (1)




in the "Report Suite Manager" there is a "donwload" option, just select the desired report suite and hit "download". But I haven't seen the processing rules there when I just had a quick view... maybe you can find it somewhere.

if not, do you have access to the API analytics-1.4-apis/README.md at master · AdobeDocs/analytics-1.4-apis · GitHub  , maybe Swagger https://adobedocs.github.io/analytics-1.4-apis/swagger-docs.html

there is a handy function called "ReportSuite.viewProcessingRules" which might help you to get desired data.

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Answers (4)



Hi @amitcj 

Processing rules export is available in the 1.4 API, like @ursboller described.


Alternatively, I built a code-free tool that downloads your Processing Rules via the 1.4 API. 

See here for more info

Analyst Admin Processing Rules Export


Hope this helps!