Export all pages at once from Workspace into .csv

diana_jones 08-08-2016

Is there a way to export ALL pages of a Workspace report at one time?  The only way I can see to export is via Project ---> Download to csv, but that only downloads one page at a time for a given report.  I then have to come back into Workspace, click on the next page of the report, and then download again.  This is really frustrating when I have multiple reports and they each have multiple pages.  There has to be an easier way, right???  

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Community Manager

Hi Diana!

Welcome to the Adobe Analytics Community.

Currently the workspace downloads only the active page of the project. One way i can think of is to create a custom report in Reports and then export it. I would try to find out if there if there is a workaround. Meanwhile it would be great if you could file a feature request for this or upvote if it already exists in our ideas exchange http://ideas.omniture.com 

Feel free to post further questions!


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

mbpaloma1 07-02-2017

Hi TanmayM, 

I'm just curious to know if Adobe plans on making this a feature in a future release? I absolutely LOVE working in Analysis Workspace and it would be so nice to be able to export over 200 rows of data at a time within the tool vs. going into Reports to do it. Thanks!

prosto_photos 30-10-2018

You can use the Ad Hoc Analysis tool available in the Tools menu of Adobe Analytics. It's a Java application that allows you to build even more granular reports as you can in workspaces, but it doesn't have a limitation of 50 items per page, you can choose to show 10,000 items per page and then export it all to CSV. Check it out!

ashleyr95540703 20-09-2018

Hi Tanmay,

Has this update been implemented in the Adobe platform? I have a 76 page report to download so hoping there is a workaround!