Export a segment from adobe analytic to FTP or SFTP server every week automatically.




Hello Friends, 


I am new in adobe analytics. So I would like to check with you how I can export a segment from adobe analytics to an FTP location every week. 


We want to export data of a segment from analytics to FTP location every weekly. Every week a new file should be exported from analytics and only new data should be there. 


I find documentation to implement it. 

URL: https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/data-workbench/using/client/export-data/exporting-data.html


is it the best approach to implement it? 


As it mentioned in this documentation, we need to set up tow export configuration file FTPServerInfo.cfg and FTPUserCredentials.cfg.

are these files setup by adobe support or we have to do it by our self? 


Please add any points if I am missing. 





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Accepted Solutions (1)




That documentation is referring to Workbench. It seems you may not need it. Consider exporting the data via Data Warehouse instead (Tools > Data Warehouse). Click Advanced Delivery Options to set up a delivery to FTP.

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