Experince Management for RealTime Database

shridhar_sahu 02-01-2019


I have a Real Time incoming pos transaction.

Based on the Transactional, i want to show different experiences(Experience Targeting) to the users.

  • How do i personalize the experience based on this  incoming transaction?
  • Also, we have other adobe tools like(AEM, AAM, AA, ACM)?

Please help me with approach



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Answers (5)

shridhar_sahu 08-01-2019


For Setting up Adobe I/O Runtime in CLI i referred following link:

adobeio-runtime/setup.md at stage · AdobeDocs/adobeio-runtime · GitHub

while using aio console:list-integrations command I am getting following error


I have checked config.json, private.key and aio integration credentials(JWT) and couldn't find anything wrong. Also it works fine in postman.

Please help!


I would contact Adobe Support that would put you in contact with Adobe I/O team. They should be able to help you. As far as I know Adobe I/O runtime is not released yet Adobe I/O Runtime but they can provide you access to it.

This should help as well: GitHub - AdobeDocs/adobeio-runtime: Developer documentation for Adobe I/O Runtime.