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I have a question on hit container segments and exit pages - and a further question on the type of metric I should use with exit pages.

If I use a hit container segment on a certain type of page, will this affect the exit pages that don't fit the segment of those visits ?
Or we should get all the exit pages from the visits those visits ? I'm confused since it's a hit container - and it seems that I'm getting pages outside the type of pages on the segment !

Also, should I use the metric PAge views or Occurences when analysing the Exit page dimension ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





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Exit pages are captured once in a visit and they have a visit breakdown scope, which means they persist through out the Visit.

So, for example, if a segment has the following condition: Page equals A on a Hit container.

Say, a visit has the following sequence of pages: A -> B -> C -> D. So, the Exit page was D, in this case.

Now, when you see Exit pages report with the above segment, you will find Page D there as Page D was the Exit Page for that entire Visit which included the Hit with Page A.

You could try using Exits as the metric.