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I am tasked with excluding 10+ IP ranges per report suite to ensure our analytical data is not tarnished by visitors within our company. I can't find a way to complete this on an account level (instead of doing it for every report suite individually) and would like to figure out if this is an option. We have approximately 278 report suites which would obviously take forever to manually modify for every IP range. Is there a faster, easier way to do this? Possibly at the account level?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




There is unfortunately no account-level IP exclusion using the 'exclude by ip' method. However, you could use Bot Rules by ctrl+clicking report suites in the admin console. if you have a developer who understands the Analytics API, you could also use the SaveIPAddressExclusion method to add the 10 addresses to all the report suites.

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Dear Kin,

You can exclude the IP Address in your account by 4 ways:

* Exclude by IP

* Bot rules

* VISTA rules

* Opt-out cookies

Go through this link for more details : Adobe Analytics Help | Methods to exclude data in Analytics

Thank You!




Here you go. under Admin.

Exclude By Cookie/IP Address

Option 2:
I know its not exactly what you want but if you make a segment to capture the ranges you wish to exclude. All you need to do is use segment manager to share it to all desired report suites. If some ranges are not applicable to all report suites make a new segment per IP groups, then pick and choose all relevant report suites for each.

good luck