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I know this should be already solved, but I can't find the answer I'm looking for, even when I've seen more people with this problem:

Event1 is been fired in URL X (evar1/prop1), but if I use event1 against evar1 you can see this event fires in URL X and URL Y.

-Event1: It's a counter and it's NOT enabled in the URL Y

-Evar1: It takes the last value and expires after the visit

What happens if:

Step 1: I visit the URL X, I launch the event1

Step 2: I move to URL Y in the same visit and I leave

Is this event gonna show me the value of the evar1 after the visit finishes or am I gonna be able to see the proper value of the evar1 at the first step?

I've tried to build a hit segment with the evar1 and the event1 to isolate the hit I'm looking for, but I'm afraid I'll miss some real data if the behavior of the eVar is not the one I expect (I know it will overwrite, but not when). Could somebody clarify me this? All I want is to have the value of the evar1 the momment the event1 is fired, but the prop1 is not helping me here, even when it's sent all together.

Thank you so much!


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Dear Pablo,

If you fire Event1 only in URL X, you should never see Event1 being fired at URL Y, no matter what.

Even if you navigate to URL Y, eVar may carry forward adding Occurences, Pageviews etc., but Event1 should never attribute to URL Y.

Also, using prop here is also sufficient if you only fire the prop value on URL X because event will not have any value addition here and thus event is not needed at all.

So, ideally either use eVar with Event1 on URL X or use Prop alone(Select Page View metric).

Thank You


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Dear Arun,

I don't know whats going on, some of those URLs are not even in the same Report Suite. It makes no sense to me.

We are not sending the prop (I don't know why and I'll try to make it change) so I'll stick to the evar by now.

Thanks a lot!!