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Hi Guys

I want to make sure if I understand how evars work

Lets say tha twe have 3 evars configured for paid campaings for email campaigns  and for Afiliates the paid campaing (SEM) has an expiration of 15 days, email evar has an expiration of 7 days, affiliate (aff) has an expiration of 1 day, inthe next example:

dayTraffic Variablevisits

How many visits are going to report for each Traffic variable, when checking the 3 days in total? is this true -- SEM 3 visits (since the cookie persist for 15 days), Aff 1 visit, Email 1 visitis

Thanks for your help

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Let's assume same visitor visits site from sem channel on day 1, affiliate channel on day 2 and from email channel on day 3.

Assumption: we set different eVars (based on channel type) on each campaign visit.   Reporting window : Last 3 days.


Evar expirationallocationeVar value set/overwriteeVar value set/overwriteeVar value set/overwriteVisitVisitor
day 1day 2day 3
sem15 dayslast touchsem visitsem visit (value persist)sem visit (value persist)31
aff1 dayslast touchnot setaff visitnull (previous value expired)11
email7 dayslast touchnullnullemail visit11

Note: There is another eVar setting which can impact over user visit attribution to channel i.e. allocation its value can be first touch, last touch, linear etc. but in your case as you set different eVar based on channel visits (in place of setting all channel value in one eVar) and in this example same visitor is coming from different channel, it will not overwrite previous channel value till it self expire.



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