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we are seeing wrong data when we look at data in a certain way and we do not know if it may be because of bad configuration of our evars or events.

  • We have our video player which sends a "play" event (along with some evars) when the user clics play
  • We have a list of evars which we inform with everypageview (& event1)
  • Not all of our pages have a video player, but we are seeing values for the play event when we are looking them by the page evars (such as URL)

An example:

  1. User visits URL1, (evar6 which is URL, is sent with URL value)
  2. User clics video on URL1: play event is send along video evars
  3. User goes to URL2 (which does not have a video player) (evar6 is sent with URL2 value)

If I see play event along URL2 is because of bad configuration on evars or success events?

Evar6 has expiration after visit

Play event is Counter type

Any idea why we see play events happening in pages without video players?

Thanks a lot!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




If eVar6 isn't sent on URL2, the play event would absolutely get credit for URL1.

If you're capturing URL in eVar6, you could try setting its expiration to hit so it won't accidentally persist to a hit that doesn't deserve it.

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Answers (1)



Thank you! I think we might send the evar6 URL along play event and setting its expiration to hit so our plays by url should give us better information!