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Hi there,

you might have heard that there will be a new EU regulation which means that the user needs to actively check a box before we can use any kind of tracking/analytics.

This is rather annoying because we collect no personal data at all.

Is anyone aware of ideas how to solve this issue?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi the challenge is that certain types of data we collect today are considered private data. (IP) for example can be in certain cases.

Its important to work with your internal legal teams, have them clarify limitations. You also should update and check your own sites TOCs

The excuse of our data being anonymized and aggregative will likely not be sufficient.

I have started to capture the action itself of Warning cookie presented, and clicked. It will be a key measure to show the impact of this new potential mandatory data policy.


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Yes, some people say that we need to get the agreement on any cookies...

users should only be allowed to enter the website after telling us which cookies they accept and which not. This could mean that we would lose half of our analytics data (or more)!



How about this option:

the problem seems to be the VisitorID in the Adobe cookies with which one could theoretically draw conclusions from the user.

However, almost all of our analysis are based on visits.

Would it be possible to switch from "Experience Cloud Visitor ID" to "Experience Cloud Visit ID"?

We would then switch all evars to "expire after Visit".

Can you tell me if it would be technically possible?

Of course we would not be able to do certain evaluations like the "Visit Number Report" but that might be better than losing data.



Forgot to mention - I am keeping a close eye on this. At the moment our main defence to legal was that there are no large eCommerce companies doing it and that will should follow their lead for the moment.