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Hallo all

Now I have a problem that I do not have any idea...

In my company we set a eVar to extract the incoming channel and we would like to see the break down of the chennal referrer.

However, in the referrer, only 10% of the referrer is the real referral traffic, the other referrer just displayed as our homepage ..

We have checke the internal filter setting, however it seems to be correctly set.

What can be the potential problem? Many thanks for your help in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Are you referring to the Referrer report under Traffic Sources or an eVar which you have setup to capture referrer?

If you are checking the Referrer report under Traffic Sources, it is controlled by "Internal URL Filters" configured for report suite under Admin. Hence, you need to verify and correct it.

If it is an eVar you need to update the implementation to only pass referrer information only when it is not an internal one.

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