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The definition of Entry Pages in Documentation Adobe is :


"Displays, by percentage and by total visits, which pages on your site are the first pages seen by a new visitor. You can use this report to identify which of your web pages are the most frequent points of entry, optimize the primary entry points on your site, and drive entry traffic to your key messages."


My question is about mobile applications : How are entry pages defined on those ? 


I tried looking at my Workspace and filtering Entry Pages per customer on a specific day, 

and then looking at raw Adobe data to see how the entry page was assigned.

I still couldn't pull a specific conclusion.


My question is (for mobile apps): 

  • Is an "Entry Page" the first TrackState value after 30mins+ of inactivity ? Should it necessarily be right after the lifecycle hit ?
  • If a bunch of TrackAction hits are sent before the TrackState, does the Entry Page assign the value in the first TrackState ?


Thank you in advance


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Accepted Solutions (1)




You are correct in your assumptions.

1. It is the first value set for pages variable which the first value sent in the trackState call. It does not necessarily need to be sent right after the lifecycle calls. trackAction calls can be made prior to this.

2.  Yes, the Entry Page value will be assigned with the value from the first trackState Call.

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