Entry page by last touch channel?




Wanting to get data of last touch channel for a specific entry page at a visit level in Workspace.

Is it a case of using Entry page and last touch channel dimensions and visits?

There is an Entry page that I am looking at that has 'Direct' beyond my expectations. (i.e. i am not expecting that entry page to get this many visits).

My hyphothesis is either the data is not correct or our paid campaigns are not utm tagged properly.

Any thoughts?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Visit segment where entry page equals the page you're looking for

Apply that segment to the last touch marketing channel report

That should have the data you're looking for.

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Answers (2)



Looks like the team/individual that briefed media was linking to a vanity redirect url. (Digital Marketing 101 no no).

i.e. Paid media linking to this url: https:/www.company.com/campaign which then redirects to the actual true url https:/www.company.com/category-page




Hi Talachen,

If your Entry Page has more 'Direct' channel, then you should verify the following.

1. Marketing Channels are set properly. Marketing Channels works in Waterfall Method and improper place of 'Direct' rule may increase the numbers.

2. Go to Internal Filters and see whether you have set the internal filters properly. If not, please do set. This very important to bucket the referrers into proper marketing channels.

Once set, try pulling 'Entires' as a metric for the page you looking for and see whether you are receiving more entries to the site through the page. Then break down using Last Touch Channel to understand the source of traffic! Cheers!

Thank You!