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Hi there,

When you enable pathing for a prop, Entry and Exit dimensions become available to use in Analysis Workspace.

In this situation we have a prop that records what section of our help section you are on, it's called FAQ/Help Article Action and can have one of 4 values:

view_article, browse_topic, escalation_request, startpage

We enabled pathing for this dimension and now have Entry FAQ/Help Article Action and Exit FAQ/Help Article Action.

My question is, when we use these Entry and Exit dimensions, will they only return values that are entries and exits to the site or will it return values that are entries and exits to the path too?

When I breakdown Entry FAQ/Help Article Action by Entry Page, I get entry pages which can't have fired at the same time as the Entry FAQ/Help Article Action as they are in two completely different sections of the site which leads me to believe the value given for Entry FAQ/Help Article Action is the entry value for the path and not just when it is an entry to the site.

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Just to echo this, I'm seeing the same issue - one entry dimension stacked on top of another in Workspace is giving incompatible results 

i.e. 'Entry Page' is our homepage, and stacking 'Entry Author' (our actual content is tagged with the relevant author, homepage has no author attached to it) is then showing a long list of authors, supposedly for the homepage, but actually attached to further page views

It seems 'Entry' is the wrong label for these dimensions, rather it should be 'First Seen'. Using the example above, the 'First Seen' page by Adobe is the homepage (for which it sees no author), and then for visitors viewing further content it is reporting a 'First Seen' author. Can anyone from Adobe confirm this is correct?

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A bit late to the party, but yes, this is exactly how it works. Entry dimensions are in essence 'the first value seen in the visit, and persists every hit through the whole visit'.