Enterprise Data Warehouse connection documentation?



Hello most wise forum,

I'm trying to start the process of getting my Adobe Analytics out of AA and into my company's enterprise data warehouse. I'm looking for documentation to get started, but all I'm finding is about the Adobe Analytics Data Warehouse product. Is there any documentation on how others have done this? Is Data Feeds robust enough to do this? My googling skills are failing me.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




What kind of data are you trying to get out to Analytics? Also what format would you want your datafile to be in?

Data Warehouse tool

  • processed data in breakdown format in
  • Extension will be CSV.
  • It also allows data transfer over FTP/SFTP
  • Use this if you want to store processed data by Adobe

Data Feed tool

  • pre-processed and semi-processed data in hit-wise format.
  • The extension is TSV.
  • The data can be transferred over FTP/SFTP and S3
  • Use this if you want to get the data and apply your own processing logic