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I am trying to pull a list of browsers for a list of product pages on our store site. I am using the "Products Report" in the Reports area of Adobe Analytics. I use the Extract Data option. Currently I open the Real Time Data Extract window, click Select Specific, and enter each one manually. I would like to enter a string of products. I have tried using the "OR" field in the Select Most Popular window and the "at least one of these words" in the Advanced Search option in the Select Specific window. I have entered the string comma separated with single quotes around the values, double quotes around the values, and nothing but the commas. I have not had any success with the about attempts. I could not find documentation for this search function. Is there a specific format for a string of values? Is there a better way to enter a large list of products?

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Are you trying to find the list of browsers of each unique page, or are you trying to get the list of browsers for your aggregated group of pages?

If the latter, I recommend that you create a hit-based segment where Page is equal to page A, or page B, or page C ... for your list of pages. Then use this segment in Workspace with browser or browser type as the dimension, and either page views, visits or unique visitors as the metric.

If the former, I recommend you create the same basic table, with browser (or browser type) as the dimension and a metric like visits. This time you would drag in the specific page names you need as columns in the table below the metric.

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nikita`s idea of hit based page segment is very good. Will allow you to measure typical Product page volumetric traffic. It is much more efficient and you can add delete products as desired. Run it against browser report and voila top browsers by product pages...

If you are trying to just select a list the products themselves from the product report then regex is key. You were on right track but need to remember a few things.

1 got to Advanced filer menu

2 change match pop-up to if any

3 Now enter each product like below

product1 | product2 | product 3

the pipe symbol "|" is like the OR remember add a space before and after pipe, this will allow you to then get your list.