Does anyone know how to track email openings and clicks?

I am having specific emails with a template which I am tracking in an own report suite just to see all clicks and openings. Does anyone knwo how to do so? Using an image request on pageview for the opening? But how to do so for the click?

I hope someone knws a great solution on that!

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laetizia_2018​ - usually your ESP will do this for you provided you are using one that has a connector into Adobe Analytics. If not, its still possible but may get very technical. Reach out to me directly if you still want the technical spill as I'll need a bit more details to provide a solution.

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Dear Laetizia,

I am not sure which platform you are using to send or push email campaign to target audience.

Suppose, if you are using Adobe Campaign as a email platform, then the entire process would be very simple,

1) First you should be sync with Marketing Cloud for both Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign.

2) Enable the Adobe Camapign Reporting location from Analytics > Admin > Report Suites > <select report suite> > Edit Settings > Adobe Campaign > Adobe Campaign Reporting > Enable Campaign Reporting.

3) While sending email via Adobe Campaign platform you can able to see the Opens, Click, Bounce along with other metrics from Adobe Analytics reporting.

For your reference, kindly fine the below link and let me know if this is what you are looking for?

Adobe Campaign Reporting





Unfortunately custom solutions make them harder to integrate. You can try and research if any genesis connector might be usable. I think you need to talk to your account rep and see if a adobe solutions architect can help you. Campaign has a hybrid self hosted solution if ever a change was an option, solve your security needs for sure.




We are using an own email system but using DTM is impossible tue to our security. We are tracking either per backend using the Data Insertion API or is there another way to do so?

Tracking the email links is already done but whe want to track openings and clicks for our emails which we are sending out to our users using googlemail, yahoomail etc.



If you are using DTM and a fairly recent version of scode. then you should be able to use activity map link tracking .

It will allow you to see link click usage.

I also recommend you use  tracking IDs on your email links, if you want a more detailed analysis of your user email interactions and subsequent site behaviours.

You failed to mention what email system are you using?

Lyris? Adobe campaign?