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We have some offsite email where we are sending them through from SMTP server. It has an capability of insert a pixel in email template. We want to track the data whenever user open an email irrespective of outlook, gmail, yahoo etc. I understand that it is possibile using hardcoded image requests.

Though would like to check few points before implementing this request.

<img src=""/>


1. Is this correct way of placing the IMG code wrapped in a body of HTML email page. Also, should I create the "pageName" as query string parameter and store in some variables.

2. Would it be tracking as page view count or track in seperate variables?

3. Is it possible to trigger an eVar whenever the email open on the inbox.


Please correct me if i am wrong and need some suggestion to track the email open in adobe analytics data.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear JayaKrish,

If you see the normal image request, you can come to a conclusion.

Check out this link:

1. The above link has an example. But for an Email Open, I don't recommend to add Page Name. It is just Custom Link to track the Campaign Name and Events.

2. By default, it should be Page View. If you need to track it as Non-Page View Call, you need to add an identifier I guess. I am pretty not sure on the identifier but can narrow it down for you. It should be either 'pe=lnk_o' or page_event=10. Check this link:

3. Possible. Just add v1 on your query string parameter. Check the Link.

Again, test everything in Development Report Suite, it will be great learning for you.

Thank You, Arun.

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