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I have a query in adobe analytics can you pls help me out as in ecommerce user path report we have login page -> product details page -> proceed to checkout-> customer information page -> payment page -> thank you page. So in case our visitors counts are going to increase by steps means login views:1000 -> 1150 -> 1200 -> 1300 -> 1350 and thank you page: 1500. Then what exactly have a problem we can call it out here. At what implementation we require for that to make it correct. How to call out this problems with exact solution. What and where the implementation is necessary.

Please explain me in words or just call out as per your expertise.

It will help me a lot.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi I had a little trouble understand your exact questions but I think you meant:

How can we as accurately as possible measure our users journeys from product to checkout/thank you for our ecommerce site?

There alot of variables here but if we look at the granular:

1 Ensure you have good page to page tagging.

2 On checkout ensure you have setup Success event(Site Order completion)

3 Have a attributed (S.prop Product Name). If you want to get even more granular I would also include an (S.prop for Transaction ID if available).

These 3/4 things should then allow you the ability to do alot of typical ecommerce analysis.

Good Luck