ECID ITP and Cross Domain Tracking Concerns



We have been evaluating using ECID with an AppMeasurement tracking project that is in progress.  We want to make that our new tracking created from this project is as future proof as possible.  We have multiple domains involved with our websites ( with a separate for purchases) so it is critically important that cross domain tracking work accurately and that visitors are properly linked together across domains.  At a high level we have come to the below findings but want to make sure from an Adobe ECID expert (who is familiar with ITP and recent updates) that we are making the optimal choices.


ECID Cross Domain ITP

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Addams,

Append appendVisitorIDsTo Function is the only method I would say that can persist the visit from one domain to another domain when the browser blocks the third party cookie. Check out my take on Google Recent announcement to 'phase out' third party cookies on Google Chrome and its impact on Adobe Analytics Cross-Domain Tracking: Reference Link. This might give you a clear idea!

So, use the method and go ahead with your implementation.

Thank You, Arun.

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