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Our website has two different internal searches: search type a and b. It gets differentiated by a prop called search type and also an evar with the same name.

My goal is to get a dwh export on hourly basis for visits with only one search for searchtype a and vs. visits with searchtype a more than 1.

I have tried using a sequence segment with a then condition plus including anjd excluding, but due to the sequence I am not able to use this for dwh export.

I have also tried created a calculated metric but this is another restriction from the dwh.

Does anyone know a better solution on this?

I would need a segment which for examples says something like evavr search type instance equals or greater than 2 but both must also be search type a, because if I would use it like this it would also count for search type b.

I hope someone knows a better solution and I dont get why there is such restriction on Adobes side for calculated metrics and sequence segments.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Laetizia_w,

Sequential Segments are not supported in DataWareHouse because it ties up to visits or Unique Visitors but not the individual line items or hit level as in DataWareHouse.

But for your request i don't think you need a Sequential Segment.

Create a segment with a Visit Container : SearchType equals a and Search Type eVar instances equals 2 with exclude visits container SearchType equals b.

But again, it will be tied to visits and hourly report may contain the counts of visits which didn't end during the time.

The only best solution i can say is using Data Feeds, but you need to calculate all these by yourselves using some ETL.

Thank You!


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Answers (2)



I did but I still need at least a sequence which says instance for evar must be in combination for search type a both. And without sequence only visitbased segment saying 2 instances and syerachtype a doesnt necessary include visits with twice searchtypoe a also a>b and a>a and a>b-->b

Any other idea?

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Betreff: DWH Export with sequence segment

DWH Export with sequence segment

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Hi laetizia_w,

How about you try using eVar instances in segment? If it meets your requirement, it can be used in data warehouse.

Additionally, here is a document on what segment features are compatible in DW: Data Warehouse Segment Compatibility


See if this helps.